GS5010 - Language Skills for Research Communication

The FGS will offer the above module for Postgraduate Students from August 2021. The objective of the module will be to strengthen the basic English language skills necessary for postgraduate level education/research in order for students to be able to

  • Effectively carry out their research
  • Take a leading role in the preparation of research papers
  • Produce written outputs of good standard at the end of the degree programme

This will be an interactive module, with a number of hands-on learning activities. 

The module is offered as a compulsory module to all research degree applicants during their first year of registration and is effective from August 2021. Students must pass this module as a prerequisite of degree requirements. It will be an optional module for existing research students. Existing students who wish to follow this module should enroll via the LMS (using their UoM accounts). They may obtain approval to follow this module.